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Down here, you will read a lot about us. Like any business, we will brag a lot about ourselves and what we do and how we do, but to keep it simple, we are just movers who move but


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We are a group of individuals passionate about moving and driving.

The reason for this service to exist is very simple. Over the years, we realise that clients looking to move one or small items never get a fair deal. Their only options are either to pay a hefty sum to professional companies or get trapped dealing with cheap providers who have no experience or no reliability or sometimes both.


Our service is pretty simple to understand. We move and that is what we specialise in. We have dedicated our life working as professional removalists and with this new service we want to extend the same level of professionalism and quality to others who only have a single item to move.

Are we Good

If you ask us, we are very good. We provide the service the same way how we like to be treated. In some time, we will post links to our reviews on independent website to show the world, how good we are. When we serve you, you will get the chance to have your say too.

What We Do

We have everything you need to move your item from one place to another. Our trucks are equipped with professional blankets and straps.

How much it cost

1 mover, 1 item : $125

No Hourly rates, No Fuss. As long as one mover can take the item to or from the truck in one go, this is the price. Lets start with some examples:

  • Fridge (upto medium size) (2 doors Refrigerators are Ok)
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • 2 Door Wardrobe
  • TV
  • Mirror
  • Paintings (that can be carried in one go)
  • Lampshade (These can be 2)
  • Boxes (As many that can fit on a Trolley) (About 5 archives or 3 book/wine or 2 Tea Chest boxes)
  • Bags (As many as can fit on a Trolley (About 3 big ones)
  • Chest of drawer
  • Bedside Table (These can be 2)
  • Hutch (as long as it can fit on a dolly or a trolley)
  • Filing cabinet
  • 2 Dining Chairs
  • Small couch (2 seater) (as long as it can fit on a dolly or a trolley)
  • A small desk (no dismantle)
  • A Big pot plant or two small ones (as long we can fit in one go on a trolley
  • A 3 seater or L-shaped couch. It may cost a little extra due to multiple trips needed to carry it to/from the truck


How to know if your item qualifies for this excellent price:

Here is the answer: Call us at 0478 583 986 to be sure. But if you need a quick guide, then this is the idea.

  • If your item can be moved in one go (the mover can carry it to/from the truck in 1 go) by one person, it is covered.
  • If the item is long but simple, we can still include in this list as long as we can be given assistance at both ends.
  • Distance of about 10 Kms from Melbourne CBD. 15 Kms for Western areas.
  • The price is indicative only. Exact price can only be advised when discussed over the email or phone.
  • Your item may not be picked and delivered straight away. There will possibly be a delay. This is because we combine jobs to make them cost effective.
  • Any discount or promotional prices are strictly for time period only.
  • If the item we are moving need multiple trips to/from the truck for collection or delivery, price will be altered. Generally this will be extra $10-$30 per trip. For ex. Bed parts or a L shaped couch can not be carried in one go. Bed parts (in 5 parts) will cost $30 extra; whereas the couch (in 2 pieces) will cost $40 extra due to space consumption. You can help to neutralise this costing.
  • We are fully equipped to dismantle and reassemble but this service cost extra. Please ask for a quote.
  • Lifts cost $20 when involved. In relation to stairs, each floor cost $20 extra. Please take a note that generally one person is not equipped to take an item down or up the stairs by trolley. Unless the item can be carried by hand safely or assistance is given, we will not attempt to take stairs with trolley.
  • Customer is responsible for providing the parking. Trucks don’t fit in car parks and are generally 3.2-3.5M high. They generally park on street level or driveways. Now a days, parking officers take pictures and send fines days later. If this happen, parking fines will be forwarded to the customer.
  • No Marble or Concrete goods are covered under this price. No Printers, Vending Machines, Pianos, Billiard Table, Pinball Machines. We can do these but they need a second mover and needs more time.
  • 2nd person starts from an extra $50 on top. Lifts, stairs and distance can affect this pricing.
  • Due to busy schedule, we expect customer to be available throughout the day. If you have any time restrictions, please advise at the time of booking.


We are a small part of a very big established removals business. Dont know how well can we explain this but we enjoy moving. People hate moving and obviously find it hard. Because we love moving, we do exceptionally well. For peace of your mind, we have been in moving industry for more than 11 years. You will simply love our services.

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A message from the Staff

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Our clients are saying excellent things about us. But if we put their reviews up here, then they will surely look controlled. Why will we publish anything negative about us? Therefore, you will find our reviews on independent websites which are not at all controlled by us. Best way would be to google the search phrase "Reviews SingleItemMovers" and that will show you who we are and how good we are.

Jazz Owner
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Dear reader, you are almost at the end of the website. You have read about us. Definitely you are having some Questions that need to be answered. too. There is no better time to call or email us and clear any doubts you may have. We look forward to serve you soon.

Sharon Team Member
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Still scrolling, there are no testimonials here. How authentic will it feel if our reviews are at our own website? Look out for our testimonials on independent website like Google. Only then you can have faith at your homework. Bye now!!! See you around.

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